An Accredited Practice

At Liverpool Dental Centre we have always prided ourselves for being at the forefront of patient safety and quality of care.

Achieving Practice Accreditation is confirming to our patients our commitment to top quality Dental Care in a safe setting. It means you can rest assured that at Liverpool Dental Centre, the highest Standards for patient health and safety are being met and continuously reviewed and improved upon.

What is Practice Accreditation?

Practice Accreditation is a voluntary process that ensures a Dental Practice is meeting or exceeding the National Health Service Standards for Quality and Safety. By voluntarily engaging QIP, an independent not for profit organisation and in collaboration with the Australian Dental Association to cross examine our protocols, we have confirmed to ourselves and our patients that we are at the forefront of patient safety and that our level of care is of the highest possible standard.

Our policies surrounding patient safety, quality of care, infection control and continuous staff training and education were rigorously cross examined independently and given a tick of approval.

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