Sleep Dentistry

A visiting specialist Anaesthetist at our Surgery means you have the option of Dental Treatment under IV sedation (or more commonly known as Sleep Dentistry). And because our Anaesthetist is a Medical Doctor, there is less out of pocket costs as a Medicare rebate applies for IV Sedation. Call our surgery for more information or find out more here.

Are you so anxious about a Dental Procedure you keep delaying it? Have your wisdom teeth been causing you on and off pain but you are too scared to make that appointment to have them removed? At Liverpool Dental Centre we understand that a dental visit can be overwhelming and cause high levels of anxiety for some patients. This is why we offer our patients the option of having treatment done under IV sedation.

IV sedation or twilight sleep is administered and over seen by Our Visiting Specialist Anaesthetist and a Medicare rebate applies. This means less out of pocket costs for you but more importantly you can rest assured that the procedure is being managed by a highly qualified Specialist.

What is IV Sedation or Sleep Dentistry?

IV Sedation uses a combination of sedative and pain relieving medications to create a drowsy and dream-like state of sleep for the entire duration of the dental procedure. There is no concept of time for the patient so a long and complex procedure can feel like it is over very quickly. Patients are relieved of any possible discomfort and are also given local anaesthesia to ensure that the procedure is entirely pain free. Patients can often have several procedures done in one appointment making it a time effective way of managing their oral health problems.


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