Four Health Benefits Of Night Guards

Many people struggle to sleep at night, overlooking the fact they have a problem with teeth grinding because they do it unintentionally while sleeping. If you wake up with a sore jaw or have sensitive teeth in the morning, you are probably clenching your teeth in your sleep. One of the first things we advise patients is to wear a nightguard. Most of us are prone to tense up when stressed or under pressure.

Here is how wearing a night guard from your dentists at Liverpool Dental Centre benefits your teeth, jaw and overall health.

  1. It Improve Your Sleep Pattern

Teeth clenching and grinding is terrible for your sleep because your muscles don’t completely relax. If the problem continues for too long, it causes interrupted sleep and muscle fatigue, especially around your face.

  1. Protect Your Teeth Against Damage And Sensitivity

The reason why people struggle with sensitive teeth is that their enamel becomes damaged. One major cause is teeth grinding. A night guard ensures that your top and bottom teeth don’t touch each other, protecting their enamel and preventing them from getting cracked.

  1. It Helps Reduce The Pain You Get From Clenching

Night guards help reduce pain experienced from jaw clenching experienced by stress and even more severe cases such as TMD. Stress, in general, causes muscles to tense up, even those around your teeth and jaw. A nightguard breaks the tension and impacts your muscles place on your teeth. Some people have a misaligned jaw, which causes one side of their face to experience more pain; this is referred to as TMD (temporomandibular joining dysfunction). Most clients who struggle with TMD experience less pain in their facial area after getting their night guard from us.

  1. Prevents Headaches And Muscle Fatigue

A less well-known fact about teeth grinding is that it causes many other issues such as headaches, ear problems and even neck pain. We can help you reduce these problems by getting you a fitted night guard during your next appointment. Trying to solve the problem with headache tablets might work for keeping the pain under control, but it certainly won’t solve the overall situation. After the first few days of wearing the guard, you will feel the results drastically decrease. And if you keep wearing it every night, your muscles will learn to relax by themselves again.

If you think you might be struggling with teeth grinding, contact your dentists at Liverpool Dental Centre, and we will schedule you to get your custom night guard fitted. It is a quick, low proceed process that will solve many problems. Book your appointment online today.

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