How Do You Know When It’s Time For Wisdom Teeth Removal?

Our wisdom teeth are our third and final set of molars. They helped our ancestors eat food that required a lot of force to chew, like roots and raw meats.

Wisdom teeth generally come through between ages 17 and 24 (give or take). This was once thought of as the “age of wisdom”. Even though that seems debatable these days, the fact remains that although wisdom teeth can sometimes grow with minimal issues, there is a higher likelihood that they will cause significant pain and discomfort.

Look out for these signs that it may be time for wisdom teeth removal. Liverpool Dental Centre recommends taking action as soon as possible to prevent serious complications, eruption, impaction or bacterial infection.

Redness And Swelling In Gums 

Redness and swelling are common symptoms of stress in the body. When a wisdom tooth starts coming through, your jaw may become slightly swollen, red and painful at first, but then more severely with time. You’ll notice that chewing may become difficult as a result.

Stiffness In And Around Jawline

Because wisdom teeth might begin to displace the teeth and jawline, stiffness and discomfort can occur around the jawline. This can also begin causing limitations in opening and moving your mouth.

Many people also experience swollen lymph nodes and jaw and neck discomfort due to infection.

Bad Breath And Bad Taste

Wisdom teeth become problematic because they always emerge in hard-to-clean places in the back of your mouth, where bacteria often grows and can begin to form cavities. So even though you’re brushing and flossing twice a day and avoiding sugary beverages, you’ll find you’re still experiencing bad breath.

It is also possible for food or other particles to get lodged in and around your impacted wisdom teeth, leaving a bad taste in your mouth.

Sinus Headaches, Discomfort And Congestion

The sinuses are located in close proximity to the upper wisdom teeth. As a result, impacted wisdom teeth put pressure on the sinuses, resulting in discomfort and congestion.

If an infection develops, it’s likely to spread to the sinuses. If you experience sinus headaches that are not flu-related, you might find emerging wisdom teeth to be the cause.

When Your Dentist Tells You Its Time

Wisdom teeth may not always create difficulties, but it is essential to visit your dentist regularly to keep track of their progress. If your wisdom teeth need to be pulled, it is better to do it before they start causing discomfort. The best time to get them removed is when the dentist advises you that they aren’t growing in straight. This ensures the least complicated healing.

Stick to your semiannual dental checkups because wisdom teeth may be seen on X-rays even before they appear. Your dentist knows and will inform you whether there will be enough space for them to grow in or if it seems they will create complications.

Oral health has been shown to affect the body’s overall health and wellbeing. If you are experiencing any troubling symptoms that indicate that you need wisdom teeth removal, Liverpool Dental Centre is here for you.

Our dentists have a combined experience of 70 years. Our auxiliary staff are well acquainted with our long-term patients, so you will see the same cheerful faces every time you come in. Gone are the days of being afraid to visit the dentist. We aim to make things as comfortable and affordable as possible.

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