How Sleep Dentistry Can Help You?

You need to visit a dentist in Liverpool, but you’re a little scared. Visits to the dentist can be traumatic and cause anxiety for many people. Despite dentists’ best efforts at making the experience as comfortable and painless as possible, having someone poke around your mouth for half an hour can be a little distressing.

Many people avoid or delay necessary dental treatment because of the fear of what they might have to endure. Despite local anesthetics being highly effective at numbing the affected areas of the mouth so that physical pain is nullified, many still suffer psychological trauma from the experience.

Thankfully, sleep dentistry is a viable option for those who simply cannot bear the thought of a lengthy dentist appointment.

What Is Sleep Dentistry?

Sleep dentistry involves what is known as conscious sedation, which is administered utilising an intravenous drip. Unlike full anaesthesia, you are never actually asleep – despite it being called sleep dentistry – but rather in a drowsy state of semi-awakeness. In this state, you cannot feel any anxiety or stress, although you will still be capable of talking and cooperating with your dentist.

You will be closely monitored throughout the procedure by a visiting specialist anaesthetist to ensure that nothing can go wrong. That said, conscious sedation is far safer than full anaesthesia used for more invasive surgeries. What’s more, you’ll still be given local anaesthetics to eliminate the pain, but you won’t even know it.

When you wake from conscious sedation and return to full consciousness, you’ll have no memory whatsoever of anything that took place. You’ll feel as though you woke up from a deep sleep during which your dental work was mysteriously taken care of.

Although you will recover from the sedation far quicker than you would from full anaesthesia, you’ll still need a few hours to get back to your regular self. Therefore, you must have someone else drive you home after your appointment. You should probably also take the rest of the day off work just to be safe.

What Are The Benefits Of Sleep Dentistry?

Sleep dentistry effectively removes the fear, anxiety, trauma and pain from the dentistry process, making the entire experience much more peaceful for you. It also makes it more likely that you’ll return for your dental appointments and therefore enjoy better dental health.

Sleep dentistry means that the dentist can work at a comfortable pace without fear of hurting you and feeling rushed because you’re panicking. It enables the dentist to be more thorough and careful, eliminating factors that could negatively impact the dentist’s quality of work.

Moreover, sleep dentistry can open the door for you to have multiple procedures done in one go. This can save you on time, money and trauma from repeat visits.

At Liverpool Dental Centre, we can offer you world-class sleep dentistry services to make your visit to the dentist in Liverpool painless and peaceful. Contact us now to book an appointment!

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