Top Reasons For Emergency Visits To Your Liverpool Dentist

Accidents happen. And when they do, it is important to stay calm and contact your dentist immediately. Emergency situations may cause you to panic and experience an onslaught of pain. Remember that if you or anyone around you happens to experience one of the following situations, it is essential to contact your emergency dentist in Liverpool immediately for an appointment and alleviate the pain.


While this is the most common dental emergency, it does not mean that it is to be overlooked or ignored. Initially, taking the necessary steps to ease the pan should come first. Ensure your teeth and gums are clean in order to avoid any embarrassing false alarms. Rinse your mouth out with warm water, brush your teeth and floss. Inspect any swollen areas and take pain medication to ease any overwhelming pain. If these steps do not help and the pain continues, contacting an emergency dentist is a must.

A Broken Tooth 

An immediate action to take is to rinse your mouth out with water after you discover the broken or cracked tooth. To help ease the swelling, place an ice pack on the side where your injury has occurred. Depending on the severity of your injury, a filling crown or root canal procedure may be necessary. Contact your dentist immediately to avoid further damage.

Knocked-Out Teeth 

If your tooth or multiple teeth get knocked out in some sort of physical altercation, it is vital that you place your tooth into a glass of water. Use an ice pack for the swelling and immediately make an appointment with your dentist.

Loose Dental Crown 

If you feel your temporary dental crown loosen or fall out, ensure you get hold of it before you swallow. Without that dental crown in place, you may begin to feel extreme pain. In this situation, it is best to contact your emergency dentist to ensure the pain and damage does not worsen for you.

Don’t let the pain linger! Contact your emergency dentist at Liverpool Dental Centre right away. We’ll do our best to rearrange our schedule to fit your dental emergency in.

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