Afraid Of Needles? This Judgement-Free, Liverpool Implant Dentist Can Help You Overcome Your Fears.

Dental implants are the most effective solution for treating tooth loss. Restore your smile and confidence with this minimally invasive procedure offered at our family-friendly Liverpool implant dentist.
Understandably, the thought of dental implants can cause anxiety, fear of the unknown and other triggers such as fear of needles and dental equipment that can stop you from making the right decisions regarding your dental health.

Below we will look at ways of understanding and overcoming the anxiety that comes with visits to the dentist.

What Causes Dental Anxiety?

There are many reasons for feeling afraid of going to the dentist. Perhaps you or someone you know has had a bad experience in the past. It could be that you are worried about the costs involved; another reason might be that you’re embarrassed about your oral hygiene. Sometimes the problem lies deeper – depression, post-traumatic stress disorder or generalized anxiety – all play a big role in triggering a fear response.

Overcoming Dental Anxiety

Believe it or not, there are ways in which you can overcome your fears.

Recognize Your Fears:

Acknowledgement is always the first step. Be honest with yourself and even consider writing a list detailing why visiting the dentist makes you feel nervous.

Choose A Dentist That Understands:

Dentists know all about dental phobias, don’t be shy to talk about it. Choose a dentist you feel comfortable talking to, one who will assure you and advise without judgement. You can even take the list you’ve drafted with to your appointment.
Your dentist can work out a treatment plan that is suited to you. For example, you can opt for a sedation method that you feel more comfortable with during your implant procedure. Dental implants are usually done under local anesthetic, or you can choose IV sedation.

Avoid The Research Rabbit Hole:

While it’s important to educate yourself, you should avoid doing too much online research; often, it brings up the most alarming results. Instead, you should speak to your dentist, who will explain the procedure and tell you what to expect post-op. Most patients report feeling the same kind of discomfort from an implant procedure like a tooth extraction.

Bring A Friend:

Having the support of a friend or family member during your appointment can help ease your anxiety. Preferably a friend who is not afraid of dentists themselves. Another important tip is to book your procedure for the morning; that way, you can get it over with without letting apprehension build throughout the day.

Seek Professional Help:

Consulting a psychologist can provide you with the steps towards overcoming your anxiety and accepting dental care as a routine, safe and everyday occurrence.

Reward Yourself:

Once you’ve completed your appointment, reward yourself with a bit of a shopping spree, a meal at your favourite restaurant or even a little getaway. This way, you’ll change the association of dental appointments to a positive one. Remember that a successful procedure is a job well done for your dentist as well.

Understanding the fears associated with dentist appointments – is the first step to overcoming them. Advancements in dental treatments have paved the way for pain-free treatments and personalized care. Implants are the ideal solution for missing teeth, whether a single tooth, multiple teeth or a full jaw. They can be made to match your natural teeth and restore your confidence.

Don’t let your anxiety stop you. Our supportive and judgement-free Liverpool implant dentist is ready to assist and restore your smile. For an obligation-free consult – call our friendly Liverpool Dental Centre team today on 9601 2113 today. Let’s discuss what makes you feel anxious about visiting the dentist and what we can do to help.

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